Brief: To film and produce a series of videos showcasing selected walking tracks around Canterbury as part of a North Island domestic walk Canterbury campaign



Each track was nominated by the local district or region (four separate tracks). We worked with each of them to arrange filming concessions from the Department of Conservation, land owner’s permissions and to source models.

Each track had its own personality. Targeting a unique demographic, with individual key features to showcase, it was important that the tracks were filmed in a way that provided continuity for the wider walking campaign, but they also had to shine in their own way.

With our ability to put cameras in a multitude of locations and our fantastic easy rig system, we were able to capture a huge range of footage for each track.

Having an understanding of digital marketing campaigns, choosing cinematic soundtracks and working with specific graphics supplied by ChristchurchNZ, we created a series of 15, 30, 60 and 90 second videos for each walking track as well as combined videos to be used across a range of multimedia platforms.



The videos were specifically targeted across social media, partner websites including news media and airlines, in movie theatres, search engine advertising and online magazines.



The campaign was ChristchurchNZ's most successful ever, resulting in over four million impressions into the domestic market across print, digital and multi media.

This campaign linked directly to each of the district’s websites which showed large increases in traffic during the campaign period.

Given the success, a second campaign was run the following year including two new tracks to film.