We’ve always utilised high quality, professional film and photography gear in all areas of our work, whether it be on the ground or in the air.

However, when it comes to photography, the ability to provide high resolution, digital images to the same level of what we could produce on the ground has only ever been doable with a helicopter.

Don’t get us wrong, a helicopter is an amazing tool to utilise for aerial photography and we do it often, but sometimes aerial images are needed in obscure places, where a helicopter can’t be, or at a much lower altitude than a helicopter can operate from.

The wait is over!

We now provide professional, high resolution aerial photography through the combination of our Freefly Alta 6 drone and our Canon 1DX. We are able to fly lenses from 14mm - 300mm to achieve images which simply cannot be produced with smaller drones.

Check out our behind the scenes reel from a recent aerial photography shoot below.

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