Brief: With a lot of our work taking place in the wider Canterbury area, we were asked to put together a series of video productions to advertise the Sensational Selwyn Awards and a longer video celebrating the district, showcasing the community, businesses and landscape. As the Selwyn area was of great importance to us as a business, we worked with the Selwyn District Council and the Event Mangers; C I Marketing and sponsored the creation of these three videos.



Utilising a combination of file footage we had filmed for previous Selwyn District tourism promotions, an interview with the Mayor and integrating graphics, we created two snappy promotional clips advertising the nominations being open and the gala dinner event tickets.

Our favourite part of this job however was creating a three minute long video 'Our Selwyn' which would premiere at the gala dinner awards evening, showcasing a series of community and business stars from the Selwyn District.

We were able to interview and film people from all over the district (Leeston to Arthur's Pass), covering all of the award categories and utilise new and file footage to produce an emotive video for the awards dinner event.



The first two videos were utilised on social media and the Councils' dedicated Awards website as part of a fully integrated marketing campaign over a six month period.

'Our Selwyn' was released for the very first time at the awards dinner event which was attended by more than 300 award nominees and their supporters, sponsors, VIPs and judges. 



We were lucky enough to be at the awards dinner event (we had also been nominated for Best Small Business) and for once, we had the unique opportunity to see first hand, the reactions of those seeing the video we had created.

Everyone in the room was smiling, engaged, laughing, interested and most of all; Proud that they live, work and play in this wonderful area of Canterbury. - We'd call that a pretty overwhelming success!

... By the way, we also won the Small Business Award!

Enjoy watching: 'Our Selwyn'