Brief: When Anna Cochrane contacted Ballooning Canterbury with the idea of attempting a World Record to be the highest Trapeze Act; hanging from a Hot Air Balloon, fundraising for Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Zealand... We didn't hesitate to work alongside the team at Ballooning Cantebury to sponsor the World Record Attempt!



This project is an incredible example of a whole lot of seemingly impossible concepts coming together to maybe, just maybe become possible!

Some of the potential challenges faced by all:

  • Flying a hot air balloon at over10,000ft 
  • Filming and photographing the event to create a record of the attempt and for media purposes
  • Rigging film and still imagery cameras off the balloon (before taking off and having it stay in place during the flight)
  • Having a film crew on the ground chasing the balloon (without know where it was heading) throughout the flight
  • Operating the still and film cameras remotely from the balloon basket
  • Add in a few crazy sky divers who wanted to join us for the trapeze act and then throw themselves out over Canterbury afterwards
  • And not to forget a trapeze artist hanging from the balloon performing her routine!

Despite these rather large challenges, an amazing team of people and businesses came together to make it happen! 



The video and photos were picked up by a variety of media and made the 6:00pm news on all channels.

The photos were utilised by print and online media and even made it into National Geographic!

The video and images were time verified and sent into the official Guinness World Record site to be assessed.



Despite a few curly moments (including Anna dislocating her rib a few minutes into the routine), the team came together and achieved the Guinness World Record! Anna holds the record for the Highest static trapeze act, performed at 10,365ft.